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Butcher Block Image Refresh

2 March 2017
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In February I brought home the bacon when I photographed the five Butcher Block restaurants, three in Johannesburg and two in Durban. I flew to Durban with Mango and went bananas transporting around 50kg of gear with me, however that’s the way the cookie crumbles… but the whole enchilada was worth the salt! Do you […]

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Image Refresh for Golden Dice Foods

21 February 2017
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In January this year I was asked to consult on and photograph an image refresh for Golden Dice Foods. The newly bought over company wanted a look and feel that was aspirational and inspirational. They wanted beautiful images that told a story of daily life in the kitchen and preparing food for the family, which […]

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Photographing Lighting Installations

5 September 2016
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Photographing interior lighting installations can be tricky because you need to expose for the interior and balance your lighting for the illuminated lights that are a different colour temperature from the ambient light temperature of the room. To do this, you need to have knowledge of the different colour temperatures of the various light sources […]

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Food Photography | Kelloggs Muesli

20 July 2016
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Last year I photographed a new range of breakfast muesli from Kellogg’s. The beautiful food preparation and styling was done by the talented Gay Mitchell, Andrea Mansfield and Warren Naested.   Save Save

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Styled Food Photography at The Sheraton, Pretoria

19 July 2016
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Last November I had the privilege of photographing the paired lunch menu at the renowned Sheraton Hotel in Pretoria. Each menu item is specially paired with a wine, champagne or craft beer to enhance the flavour combinations. I did the food styling on all images, along with the assistance of the resident chefs. Butternut milk […]

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