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John Adams | A Portrait of the Man Behind the Canvas

24 August 2016
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John Adams is a legendary South African artist, better known as “The Madiba Painter” and famous for raising half a million Rand for charity in 8 minutes at the inaugural AfrAsia Bank Cape Wine Auction. I have had the privilege to work with John on a number of occasions, including the Regent Highway Heroes campaign, […]

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In situ Portraiture with Camille Uzak

13 July 2016
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When my friends Chris and Camille decided to move to Hong Kong, I decided to set up a collaborative portrait shoot so that Cam’s beauty would be immortalised and we’d have a bit of our friend here forever. This project resulted from the seamless integration of the sum of all its parts: Chris Rudolph art […]

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Narrative Photography | Polar Dust

9 October 2014
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When Sara Eksteen approached me to do the photography for the album cover for her band, Polar Dust, I was delighted to work on such a conceptual shoot. Sara’s brief was that she wanted dark, gritty, Alfred Hitchcock inspired images. Each member of the band represented an element (Earth, air, fire and water) and were […]

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Location Portraiture: Olia

17 July 2014
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When I recently found an old print from one of my 2nd year assignments – a Jan Saudek inspired portrait, briefed by my lecturer Waldemar Bussiahn, I decided to decided to give it another go! Photography: Rikki Hibbert Model, Hair and Make-up: Olia Outkina Wardrobe: Samantha Feher Strong guy on Set: Werner Strauss Post Production: […]

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“High Speed Chase” On Location Portraiture

4 March 2014
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In May last year I bought myself a Tronix Explored battery pack so that I can use my studio lights anywhere. To test it out, I decided to do a motorbike shoot in a parkade. Cedar Square kindly agreed, and Cedar Isle Auto let me pick out a bike for the shoot. A special thank […]

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