Virtual Reality Movies

Virtual Reality Movies (or Virtual Reality Tours) are interactive QuickTime Movies that allow you to view a room as if you are standing in the middle looking around. You can pan left and right in a full seamless 360-degree view, or zoom in and out, with a simple click of a mouse.

Examples of VR Movies

Virtual Reality Movies are executed with a number of photographs taken from a single rotating position. The camera and lens are mounted onto a special tripod head, and rotated around a nodal point (the exact point behind the lens where the light converges). All photographs are edited to enhance the natural colours and remove any imperfections before being stitched together using specialised software. The software produces both a two-dimensional panorama, and an interactive Virtual Reality Movie.

Hot Spots can be embedded in the Virtual Reality Movie, and when selected can invoke a specific call to action. Virtual Reality Movies are ideal for websites and multimedia presentations, and are also small enough to be emailed to your Clients.

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