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I have been working as a food photographer for nearly two decades and, during this time, I have worked extremely hard at perfecting this specialisation – developing and designing creative applications for styled and lifestyle food photography while continuously studying current international trends in food, props, lighting and styling.

I have executed food photography commissions for local and international brands, advertising agencies, popular restaurants and hotel groups as well as for six recipe books, including Clover and Slender Wonder.

I have worked alongside some of the best food stylists in the industry and have also personally styled many shoots – and I have an excellent understanding of clients’ expectations, the culinary industry and the preparation of food, having worked with some top local and international chefs, including Benny Masekwameng, Martin Kobald and Coco Reinharz.

Food photography not only requires expertise with camera – lighting and styling techniques are equally important because, essentially, food photography is a still-life art form that requires a meticulous eye for detail and a willingness to dedicate time and patience to each and every image.


How does it work?

After receiving a brief from the client, I discuss the desired ‘look and feel’ that the client wishes the images to portray in some detail. The process then begins with the careful selection and purchase of the ingredients and props: perfect and visually appealing ingredients are used to portray quality and freshness and the props are mindfully chosen. Once the food has been prepared, it is artfully styled to translate into a two-dimensional photograph, the perceptions of taste, aroma and appeal that one would derive from an actual dish. The props and lighting are carefully considered to enhance and complement the food, without distracting from it. After capturing the images, the selected photographs are edited in Photoshop to enhance the natural colours and, if necessary, to remove any imperfections.

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