Hotel Photography | Villa Monticello Accra Ghana

April 22, 2016 · 1 comment

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Last month I went to Ghana to photograph the exclusive and multi award winning boutique hotel, the Villa Monticello.

I photographed the hotel in November 2014, however in the past 14 months some of the rooms and common areas were refurbished, hence the reason for my second trip.

I was welcomed back with open arms, and had a dedicated team of staff helping me move my equipment from area to area. I was also lucky enough to have some time off to explore Makola Market, James Town and attend a Natalie Cole jazz tribute.

Villa-Monticello-Signage-Rikki-Hibbert Villa-Monticello-Cape-Town-1-Rikki-Hibbert Villa-Monticello-Cape-Town-2-Rikki-Hibbert Villa-Monticello-Elmina-1-Rikki-Hibbert Villa-Monticello-Elmina-2-Rikki-Hibbert Villa-Monticello-Kwame-Nkrumah-1-Rikki-Hibbert Villa-Monticello-Kwame-Nkrumah-2-Rikki-Hibbert Villa-Monticello-Marrakesh-1-Rikki-Hibbert Villa-Monticello-Marrakesh-2-Rikki-Hibbert Villa-Monticello-Ohemaa-Meeting-Room-Rikki-Hibbert Villa-Monticello-Meeting-Room-Rikki-Hibbert Villa-Monticello-Inside-Bar-2-Rikki-Hibbert Villa-Monticello-Cabannas-Lifestyle-36-Rikki-Hibbert Villa-Monticello-Cabannas-Lifestyle-21-Rikki-Hibbert Villa-Monticello-Food-Goat-Cheese-Beetroot-Rikki-Hibbert Villa-Monticello-Food-Snail-Ravioli-Rikki-Hibbert Villa-Monticello-Food-Plantain-Millefeuille-Rikki-Hibbert Villa-Monticello-Food-Scotch-Pancakes-Rikki-Hibbert Villa-Monticello-1A-Bar-Rikki-Hibbert Villa-Monticello-Pool-Lights-Rikki-Hibbert

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Nathaniel April 22, 2016 at 1:06 pm

Very very nice.. Great job Rikki.

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