Corporate Interior Photography | Zenith Optimedia

April 21, 2016 · 1 comment

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Last weekend I photographed the beautiful and creative spaces at Zenith Optimedia.

Photography and Post Production: Rikki Hibbert

Interior Designer: Georgea Kindler

Styling: Lauren Paul and Georgea Kindler

Assistant: Evan Veldsman

Paragon-Zenith-Optimedia-01-Rikki-Hibbert Paragon-Zenith-Optimedia-03-Rikki-Hibbert Paragon-Zenith-Optimedia-04-Rikki-Hibbert Paragon-Zenith-Optimedia-06-Rikki-Hibbert Paragon-Zenith-Optimedia-07-Rikki-Hibbert Paragon-Zenith-Optimedia-08-Rikki-Hibbert Paragon-Zenith-Optimedia-10-Rikki-Hibbert Paragon-Zenith-Optimedia-11-Rikki-Hibbert Paragon-Zenith-Optimedia-12-Rikki-Hibbert Paragon-Zenith-Optimedia-13-Rikki-Hibbert Paragon-Zenith-Optimedia-14-Rikki-Hibbert


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Erika van Zyl April 21, 2016 at 9:41 pm

They could hardly be called ‘offices’. Those are definitely ‘creative spaces’. Your images are simply stunning.

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