High Key and Low Key Studio Portraiture

October 22, 2015 · 0 comments

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High key lighting refers to images that are mostly bright, with a range of light tones and whites and not very many blacks or mid-tones. This style of lighting was originally developed for films and television, back when the technology wasn’t very good at capturing high contrast ratios.

A low-key image contains mostly dark tones. High-key images feel light and airy, while low key images are usually dramatic. Where high key lighting involves over lighting the subject to reduce contrast, low key lighting creates contrasts by reducing the lighting.

I wanted to explore these lighting techniques in studio, so I set up a photo shoot with my friends Jeanine Boshoff and Matthew Franzsen as the models, and Angie van der Berg doing make-up and hair.

The original idea was to create a set of black and white images, however being a woman I changed my mind… and the ideas and lighting evolved into the below selection of images.


Angie doing the final touches to Jeanine’s make-up

Jeanine-High-Key-04-Rikki-Hibbert Jeanine-High-Key-07-Rikki-Hibbert Jeanine-High-Key-10-Rikki-Hibbert Matt-Franzsen-High-Key-01a-Rikki-Hibbert  Jeanine-High-Key-19-Rikki-Hibbert Matt-Franzsen-High-Key-06-Rikki-Hibbert Matt-Franzsen-High-Key-05-Rikki-Hibbert Jeanine-High-Key-15-Rikki-Hibbert




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