Styled Interior Photography | Residential Apartments Johannesburg

June 29, 2015 · 0 comments

in Interiors

I photographed these two beautiful apartments in Johannesburg’s Northern suburbs for Cecily Rocher, renowned interior decorator from Cape Town.

Cecily has an infectious personality, and working with her was more like creating prettiness and having fun while doing so. I really am blessed to have such lovely clients!

01-01-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography 01-02-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography 01-03-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography 01-04-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography 01-05-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography 01-06-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography 01-07-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography 02-01-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography 02-02-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography 02-05-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography 02-06-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography 02-09-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography

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