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March 20, 2014 · 2 comments

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In 2011 I shot the first recipe book for Slender Wonder, a medical weight loss programme. The book was well received, and a demand for a second book emerged.

So for most of February, I shot the follow up book at the MasterChef kitchen at the Smeg showroom in Bryanston.

Ann prepared the food, and I did the prop sourcing, styling and photography. Three weeks later and we had prepared, cooked, styled and shot over 130 dishes. I can guarantee you that taste testing diet food for three weeks does not make you skinny ;)


Setting up on Day 1


Chef Ann


The props

Below is a selection of some of my favourite images.

Apple-&-Celery-Soup-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography Beef-&-Baby-Marrow-Tagliatelle-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography Berry-Smoothie-with-Cooked-Peaches-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography Braised-Cabbage-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography Brussel-Sprouts-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography Cajan-Chicken-Stirfry-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography Cauliflour-Curry-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography Cauliflour-Salad-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography Ceviche-Salad-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography Chicken-Bliss-Soup-01-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography Chicken-Curry-Pasta-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography Chicken-Mulligatawany-01-Rikki-Hibbert-Photograpy Finn-Crisp-Rolls-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography Flapjacks-with-Compote-02-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography Hamburger-&-Hashbrown-Rikki-hibbert-Photography Italian-Beef-Rollups-02-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography Orange-Ginger-Jelly-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography Peppered-Steak-and-Pesto-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography   Pina-Colada-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography Pizza-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography Potato-Salad-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography Tzakziki-and-Veg-Chips-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography Vegetable-Beef-Soup-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography Waldorf-Salad-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography

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Erika van Zyl March 23, 2014 at 7:08 pm

Oh, my word! These photos are absolutely stunning!

rikkihibbert March 25, 2014 at 11:00 am

Thanks! :)

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