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For the vast majority of people, posing for a business portrait is about as appealing as root canal treatment.

Why are the final images likely to be disappointing? Because your body language is hugely important. You may have been smiling, but what was the rest of your body doing? Discomfort at being in front of the lens will show on the final images. Relax in front of the camera. I’ll direct you and tell you how to angle your head and what to do with your hands.





What clothing should I wear?

Your corporate portrait will represent you and your company, so dress to impress. Wear something timeless so that your portrait doesn’t date as the fashion changes.

Be wary of clothing that wrinkles easily as this will look sloppy and unprofessional.

Generally, long sleeves are more flattering than short sleeves, and solid colours are more suitable than loud prints.

Ladies, please wear a feminine blouse and bring a tailored jacket.  Men, please bring a formal jacket and wear a button up shirt. If you’re unsure, bring extra wardrobe items and I’ll help you choose.

Use a professional make-up artist

I strongly recommend using a professional make-up artist, even for men! Not only will you look amazing on the outside, but once make-up is applied professionally and the subject knows they look good, they tend to radiate beauty from the inside.

The aim of your portrait is to make you look friendly, approachable, and still professional and reliable. When a prospective client sees your portrait they will make assumptions on what they see, including reading into the details of your body language.

Also see this article about the different types or corporate portraiture, and this article on the importance of using high quality images in PR. 




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