FLM Review: How a tripod can improve your photography

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Nowadays cameras have higher ISO capabilities and perform far better under low light conditions, so why would you want to lug around a cumbersome tripod?

It’s fairly difficult to hold a camera steady with exposures longer than 1/60th sec, now imagine long exposures of several seconds, minutes or even hours.

Sometimes, even just pushing the shutter can cause camera shake. Tripods are essential for pin sharp images, especially when shooting timer delays or using a remote shutter release.

HDR, star trails, time lapses, and smooth panning images would be impossible without the use of a sturdy tripod. Macro photography with small apertures becomes far more manageable, and the images far sharper, when using a tripod.

Being an interior photographer, I like using a tripod for two purposes. One, my exposures are usually fairly long, and two, I can finely tune the composition, and my image stays consistent while I clear away clutter and move furniture for the best possible shot.

Tripods are also multi-functional for the studio photographer, as they can be used as light stands and reflector and prop holders.


FLM Tripod Review

I recently had the opportunity to use an FLM tripod for a few days, and got to test drive it on a few shoots.

The first thing you’ll notice about this carbon fibre tripod is that it’s incredibly lightweight and compact, but still has a high load-to-weight ratio, carrying up to 15kg. The FLM tripod is sexy and sleek, but with no compromise on build quality. Invest in this baby, and it’ll be the last tripod you ever need to buy!

At the heart of the tripod head is a coated, hand polished aluminum alloy ball that guarantees silky smooth movements.

The FLM Ball Heads incorporates a tilt lock function that allows 2D movement at any angle. Tighten this knob to prevent rotation and left/right lateral movement of the ball for vertical tilting.

The friction knob with integrated lock allows for easy tightening and loosening on the ball, which is perfect for women or anyone who doesn’t have strong hands. (I was recovering from wrist surgery when I tested the tripod.)

The PRS knob clicks every 15 degrees on a horizontal plane in panning mode, making precise panoramas and virtual reality movies straightforward and trouble free.

The Pan function knob provides smooth 360-degree rotation using technology exclusively developed by FLM.

All ball heads include a 1/4” and 3/8” mounts for both camera and tripod.

The FLM quick release Arca-Swiss compatible plates feature a patented one-touch clamping and locking system, providing the photographer with ultimate peace of mind.

The most notable feature is the Leveling system. The centre column can swivel and tilt by approximately 15 degrees in any direction, making this the quickest and most precise way to position the tripod.

FLM have introduced a new upgraded centre column that can be removed and installed upside down, meaning you can hang your camera up-side down now and shoot literally millimeters from the ground.

The centre column also incorporates a spirit level and a retractable hook for additional stabilization when shooting outdoors.

The tripod legs use a quick screw release (segments can be opened and locked using just one hand), and the adjustable feet with extendable pins make shooting on uneven surfaces far easier.

In my opinion, the anti-shock lock system, and integrated leveling system, makes this tripod ideal for interior photographers and anyone serious about quality equipment that will last a lifetime.



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