Food Photography Tips and Techniques

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I absolutely love food photography – having the ability to translate the smell and taste of food into a two-dimensional image is an art form. Here are a few tips to help you achieve this…

Camera Settings

Depending on the feel you’re after, I like to use a wide-open aperture to blur the background. This helps to separate the foreground from the background and to focus the viewer’s attention on the food. Keep your ISO low to reduce noise.

A blurry background helps enhance the food as the subject matter


I love using natural light for food photography, however sometimes I use studio flash for a different feel. Experiment and see what works for you.

Natural lighting with fill-in flash

White Balance

Check that your white balance is set properly so that you get beautiful clean colour corrected images.

Ensure that your whites are white!


Fill your frame  and cut out the clutter, and zoom into the subject matter. Only leave enough background space to assist in “telling the story”. Remember to consider other elements of composition, such as the Rule of Thirds.

Parmaham salad fills the frame


Less is more. Keep it simple. Use props that enhance your image, and do not take attention away from the food.

Props create a setting

Food Styling

Artfully prepare and present the food. Read these food styling tips and tricks to help enhance the colour, texture and freshness of the food.

Gooey chocolate sauce makes my mouth water!

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