Transferring Copyright to you Client – What does this really mean?

November 2, 2011 · 0 comments

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Do you know what it means to transfer copyright to your Client? Transferring copyright means that you reassign every single right to your photographs, meaning your Client can produce, publish, distribute and even sell you images, and you will get NO recognition for being the artist of the work, and obviously no additional income from the increased usage of the work.

When you provide a disc of images to your Client, you need to make it clear exactly what rights you are giving them as part of your photographic fee.. This should form part of the Terms & Conditions on your Quotations and Invoices, and / or be reiterated in a document on the disc you provide.

If your Client briefs you and says the work will only be used for editorial (for example), provide and SIZE your images at A4 size so that this is the largest format they can be used.

The different types of copyright are explained here. Also refer to this article to see if your work is being used online without your consent.

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