The Pop 9 Lomography Camera

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One single 35mm shot produces 9 identical images on one print – instantaneously transforming the environment around you into explosions of pattern-repeating pop-art! Shapes, angels and bulges engage each other between the 9 repeating frames, producing an unpredictable and simply amazing photographic wallpaper of images. Your surroundings, actions, passions and loves become gorgeous works of art – an absolute chaos of colourful beauty neatly laid out into an orderly 3×3 rectangle.

Fastastique techniques to play with

Centering your subject produces an analytical, bold pattern | Cutting subjects in half on the sides of the frame produces inspiring connected patterns between each individual frame | Get close to your subject, especially when using a flash – large detailed subjects that fill the frame make for dazzling results | Bold crazy colours add impact

Product Specs

Lens: 9 Individual focus-free lenses F+24mm, F/11

Format: Uses any type of 35mm film

Range: 0,8m – infinity

Shutter: Mechanical, 1/100 sec

Viewfinder: Direct Vision

Film Transport: Manual

Flash: Built in electronic flash that requires AA battery

Dimensions: 30mm x 62mm x 115,5mm

The Package includes a Pop 9 camera, wrist strap, editorial poster and instruction manual.

Buy the Black Star Pop 9 here and the Gold Pop 9 here.

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