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Vienna Lomo Notebook

Add a shot of Vienna into your daily life with the Lomography Vienna Notebook. With 256 crisp pages, it gives you plenty of space for notes, scribbles, and ground-breaking ideas! Document your days and schedule your shenanigans in style – this hardback is good-looking inside and out.

More than just a clean slate for your creative ideas and regular documentation, the Lomography Notebook is also a visual treat with 500 stunning mini Lomographs of Vienna decorating the blank pages. It also includes monthly/3-year calendars, colourful removable note cards, and page markers. Paired with the Lomography City Guide Vienna, you’ll have a fantastic time getting acquainted and inspired with the charming city of Vienna!

London Lomo Notebook

You might think, “What’s all the fuss about this London Notebook? A few pages to doodle on, a couple of pics of Big Ben – job done.” Well, you couldn’t be more wrong!

The Lomo London Notebook is no less than a multi-functioning book of tricks! Of course, you can merrily scribble your heart out in true notebook style. The London Lomo Notebook turns London inside out and invites you to have a look. These pages are jammed packed with the most amazing, personal, vibrant and authentic Lomographic insights into arguably the world’s most diverse city.

Lomo Notebook

Forget that endless pile of paperwork that you cannot manage anymore, which fills any possible surface in your living environment. The new Lomography Notebook helps you keep up-to-date, practically guarantees you are always on time and never again will you forget a single thing.
Since the Lomographic Society always takes care of its vast community’s mental training, you will find on every page:

1. LomoMission – a daily theme that gives a push to your imagination.
2. LomoLocations – dreamy secret spots you should visit and shoot before your days are over.
3. LomoTip – a sure-to-please exercise for your restless set of fingers to stretch your camera to the utmost limits.

As well as any other earnest notebook, this newcomer here contains heaps of vitally necessary information, amongst which you’ll find dialing codes and time zones, Lomoshop-, LomoEmbassy- and LomoDoctor-locators and so much more. Now, tidy up that mess on your desk and start anew from a clean slate.

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