Shooting in the Mist – When Bad Weather Produces Great Photographs!

January 7, 2011 · 0 comments

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This December holiday my husband and I went to Cape Town for a week. As many of you may know, Cape Town is notorious for having “four seasons in a day”!

The first day at our hotel on 1 January 2011, we had glorious sunny weather and opted to spend the day lazing by the pool overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Later that afternoon a cloud started rolling down Table Mountain and across the ocean. Within an hour, the mountain disappeared completely, and soon afterwards, so did the sea view!

The ever-changing mysterious scenes and colours the mist produced was breath taking.


We could literally see the mist moving past in front of us like smoke. At this stage the clouds were still light and fluffy so I wanted to capture the image so that would be visible. To do this, I overexposed by 1 stop, and shot the image at 100 ISO | f16 | 1/500 sec


This image was shot at 100 ISO | f9 | 1/320 sec, and underexposed by 1/3rd of a stop to emphasize the haziness of the mist. I opted for a more shallow depth of field to further blur the horizon of the ocean.


This image was taken only 2 minutes after the above image. To achieve this dramatic effect I overexposed by 2 stops, and shot the image at 100 ISO f18 1/800sec. The increased depth of field was necessary to ensure the small amount of detail in the image was sharp.

So next time the weather turns sour on your beach vacation, look for the beauty in it and play with your camera settings to produce spectacular postcard pictures!

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