The Rare Film Gift Pack from Photojojo

December 17, 2010 · 0 comments

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The PhotoJojo Rare Film gift pack contains three hard-to-find, imported 35mm films in an adorable, illustrated box. One high-speed color film, one crazy sepia-toned monochrome, and one grainy old-school black & white film.

Fuji Natura 1600

1600 ISO | 36 exposures | C41 process | Imported from Japan

Made to capture natural light as you see it, Natura lets you shoot indoors with no flash and no fancy manual settings. The saturated colour, gorgeous light and ridiculously smooth grain make people go crazy for this film.

Rollei Redscale

400 ISO | 36 exposures | C41 process | Imported from Germany

This crazy monochrome import is made with the emulsion facing the back of the camera, not the lens. The result is a warm-tinted film that changes colour depending on your lighting and exposure. Sometimes it’s red, sometimes it’s sepia. Every frame is a surprise! What was once a darkroom secret is now a one-hour photo phenomenon.

Fuji Neopan B&W 1600

1600 ISO | 36 exposures

High-contrast, super grainy and gorgeously old-school. Fuji’s discontinued high-speed B&W film works beautifully in low light. Take it out in snowy weather to make some amazing winter landscapes. Or get all photojournalist and take a bunch of backstage with the rockstars gritty portraits. Embrace the grain!

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