Colour Lens & Flash Filter Set

December 17, 2010 · 0 comments

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Is the lighting in your photos tired, run-down, listless? Does your flash poop out at parties? The answer to all your problems is the Colour Lens and Flash Filter set! Eight vibrant, pocket-sized colour filters on a handy ring, ready to use over your lens or flash.

Get colour-creative in two ways: shoot with the filter over your lens or shoot with the filter over your flash. The first adds colour to the whole scene you’re shooting (ex: the whole sky turns orange!), while the second adds colour to only the parts that your flash hits (ex: only the guy standing in front of the sky turns orange, and the sky stays blue!).

Create new colours by combining filters, shoot double-exposures for surreal and abstract images, create gradients across your photos for dreamy colour-scapes, or splash blues, greens, and reds for outer-worldly scenes!


Portable! Attach to your keyring, camera bag, strap, or slip in your pocket or wallet | Flat acrylic with rounded edges | Create incredible colour FX | 2.5″ x 1.5″, 1/8″ thick

How to use

Attach to your camera or flash with a rubber-band for hands-free filter-shooting | Combine two or three filters over your lens to make gradients | Get fancy and use multiple flashes with different coloured filters to create splotchy patterns of colour | Shoot into the sun! Pick up some crazy colourful lens flare

You can buy a set from Photojojo for $15, or if you have a LEE filter sample booklet, you can use that too.

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