Tutorial: How to Freeze action – High Speed Macro Photography

November 8, 2010 · 0 comments

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Usually you would need specialized equipment to photograph high speed photography, however I have discovered a way to get similar results using an external flash.

You will need:

Digital SLR Camera

External Flash

Macro Lens


Step 1: Setting the Flash:

Set the Flash to Manual Mode, and set the power to 1/128 or its lowest possible setting.

Step 2: Setting the Camera

Set the Camera to AV Mode, and chose a medium range f/stop, around f/5.

Step 3: Setting the Workspace

Use a tripod to align the camera close to the subject, keeping the lens parallel to the subject.

Point the Flash towards the subject.

Focus on the subject, and take a few test shots. Adjust the brightness of the image by reducing the f/stop and/or increasing the ISO.

Start shooting! Remember that high speed photography is all about timing. Don’t be surprised if only 50% of your images actually capture the moving subject!

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