World Pinhole Day

April 19, 2010 · 2 comments

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When I was in my 1st year Photography back in 2000, we made our own Pinhole cameras, using a box and photographic paper as film! Endless hours creating test strips, eventually paid off as we discovered the basic science of light.

April 24, according to the Lomography community, is World Pinhole Day. So, in anticipation of this special day, I’d like to share some Pinhole inspiration:

1. Pin Hole Camera

This camera has no lens, only a tiny hole for light to enter and expose the film at the back of the camera. This camera uses standard 35mm film and has basic “rewind” and “advance” features, so you could get crafty and play with multiple exposures.

2. Holga Pinhole

This medium format Pinhole camera creates sharper images, more saturated colours, and finer detail. The approximate aperture is f/192, providing you with nearly unlimited depth of field. Exposures times can vary from 1 second in sunlight, to several hours in darkness.

3. Pinhole Lens-in-a-cap

So maybe unpredictable exposures and endless trips to the lab are not your thing. You’ve got to love this fixed focus lens set in a body cap, which turns any digital SLR into into a mean mean Pinhole machine!

4. Pinhole Blender 120

This camera-in-a-tin tops almost any James Bond gadget! Create artistic multiple exposures and even morphed panoramas by twisting the tin.

5. Diana Multi Pinhole Camera

With 3 Pinhole lenses to choose from and a variety of coloured filters to stain your images with crazy colours, this Lomographers delight creates the whackiest, psychedelic stills.

6. Stereo Pinhole Camera

Create 3D Pinhole images with this Holga 3D stereo camera. Of course you’ll also need the Holga Stereo 3D slide viewer to view your virtual reality imagery.

7. DIY Pinhole Camera

This Paper Pinhole Camera you make yourself using a ruler, pencil, white glue, and about 90 minutes of hard labour. However afterward not only will you understand the basic mechanics of photography, but you will be able to create your own beautiful pinhole images using 35mm film.

8. DIY Art Pinhole

Designed by Gangwoo Park, Korea’s premier Pinhole guru, this DIY cardboard Pinhole yeilds dreamy soft focus, wide angle images. Although designed for medium format film, this beaut also be tweaked to take 35mm film. A red window on the back shows your exposure count, and also allows for easy partial-frame and multiple exposures.

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Wesley April 20, 2010 at 10:06 am

WOWZA,the DIY pinhole camera is uber cool!

rikki hibbert April 20, 2010 at 10:08 am

Reminds me of 1st year! Except our Pinholes didn’t look nearly as cool!

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