Back to Basics – ISO

Read this simple guide to ISO, because when you understand ISO, aperture and shutter speed, you have pretty much mastered the technical fundamentals of photography.

Back to Basics – Aperture

Learn how your camera aperture works, and how to get the best results from understanding this.

John Adams is a legendary South African artist, better known as “The Madiba Painter” and famous for raising half a million Rand for charity in 8 minutes at the inaugural AfrAsia Bank Cape Wine Auction. I have had the privilege to work with John on a number of occasions, including the Regent Highway Heroes campaign, […]


Food Photography | Kelloggs Muesli

20 July 2016
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Last year I photographed a new range of breakfast muesli from Kellogg’s. The beautiful food preparation and styling was done by the talented Gay Mitchell, Andrea Mansfield and Warren Naested.   Save Save

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Styled Food Photography at The Sheraton, Pretoria

19 July 2016
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Last November I had the privilege of photographing the paired lunch menu at the renowned Sheraton Hotel in Pretoria. Each menu item is specially paired with a wine, champagne or craft beer to enhance the flavour combinations. I did the food styling on all images, along with the assistance of the resident chefs. Butternut milk […]

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Avant-Garde Portraiture | Johannesburg

18 July 2016
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Noun: avant-garde new and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, or the people introducing them. Last week I bought a new studio light, so today’s shoot was to put it to the test for an experimental portraiture  shoot. My lovely friend Olia Outkina agreed to be my subject, and since Olia is also […]

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The Diner Krugersdorp | Restaurant Photography

15 July 2016
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In May I photographed the food and interiors of The Diner, a family run restaurant in the heart of Krugersdorp. Since my Mom never told me not to play with my food when I was a child, food styling is a skill I have developed from a young age, and perfected as an OCD adult! […]

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